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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Joliet, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Does the air in your home look clean and clear? We’ve got bad news for you if you answered “yes”: even if it does look clean, it probably isn’t. The average home is rife with all kinds of airborne contaminants, from dust to dander, pollen, germs, and mold spores. Inhaling such contaminants can cause all kinds of health issues and illnesses, which is why it’s a good idea to take steps to improve your indoor air quality by ridding your air of them.

Our EPA-certified technicians offer a wide range of services for air filtration systems and air purifiers throughout Joliet, IL. If you need an air filter, air purifier, Global Plasma Solutions©, or Air Scrubber© system installed or serviced, contact us today for an appointment. Comfort First Heating and Cooling, Inc., where we put your comfort first!

Air Purification Systems

There are a lot of different air filtration and purification systems on the market today, each of which is suited to removing a different range of airborne contaminants. If you’re unsure about which one you should install in your home, we recommend giving us a call and we’ll walk you through it! You can also take a look at this list below for a quick idea:

  • Air Filters: An air filter is just a simple fiber mesh that is installed in the ductwork and strains contaminants out of the air as it flows through the medium. These are quite popular for their ability to remove contaminants from the air without needing power. You just need to make sure you have the right kind installed, as one that is too closely woven could make it difficult for your heater and air conditioner to circulate air through the home.
  • Ionization Purifiers: These systems release clouds of ions during operation, which attach to contaminants and make them too heavy to remain airborne. The majority of contaminants then collect on metal plates, which can be removed and cleaned. Ionization purifiers are a popular choice, as they do not impede airflow through the ducts. However, they do need access to a power source.
  • UV Air Purifiers: A UV air purifier doesn’t actually physically remove contaminants from the air. What it does is subject all the air passing through the ducts to high levels of ultraviolet light. Many kinds of viruses, bacteria, and mold spores are unable to withstand that kind of exposure, and will either be sterilized or killed. A UV air purifier protects you from getting sick by killing infectious organisms in your air supply. They don’t do anything about dust or dander, though.
  • Air Scrubber Plus:  An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and chemicals from the air in your home by passing your air through a series of heavy-duty filters. An air scrubber cleans the air in your home, removes bad odors, eliminates dust in your home, and keeps your air conditioning unit clean. When you install this unit in your home, you’ll enjoy a cleaner space, reduced allergy symptoms, and alleviated cold and flu symptoms.
  • Global Plasma Solutions: Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) is a brand that provides air purification systems using cold plasma air purification technology to boost your indoor air quality. GPS systems reduce the number of airborne particles and eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold in your home. GPS technology is advanced, but to break it down in simple terms, these systems emit ions that attach to airborne contaminants in your home and break them down. These systems are energy-efficient, effective, and low maintenance.

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Air Purifiers and Filters

In the interest of keeping your indoor air quality as high as possible, we provide comprehensive installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services for air purifiers and air filtration systems. We work on all makes and models. Whether you need a brand new filter installed, or just need to have your current system repaired or tuned–up, our EPA–certified technicians can help you out. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We offer full services in Joliet, IL, and don’t charge extra for nights and weekends.